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I Love You as Much as You Do Novel Online

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I Love You as Much as You Do Novel Online


1. A friend asked Chen Yao, “When did you like Jinxiu?”

Chen Yao looked at Jinxiu’s back and smiled knowingly, “Because of a bowl of dumplings.”

The friend suddenly realized, “It turns out that you found a potential wife!”

Chen Yao lowered his head, his dark eyes warmed a bit. Because in his hunger and despair, Jinxiu brought him a ray of sunshine, warm and full of energy.

2. Jinxiu’s best friend asked her, “When did you like Chen Yao?”

Jinxiu smiled slightly, revealing the deep dimples at the corners of her mouth, “Because when everyone is standing opposite me, only he puts me behind him.”

Jinxiu would never forget the man holding a shovel in front of her while glaring at everyone, he guarded her behind him and said to her gently, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”